Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gratitude in Action : The Gratitude List

I'm back today with my final installment of the Gratitude in Action series.
 A way I've been expressing my gratitude for almost 7 years now,
is through gratitude lists.


My only rule is I can't list anything I've listed before.
That keeps me searching my life for things to be grateful for.
So even bad days, when I'm on a pity pot,
I have to search for new things to be grateful for.
And that makes my bad days...not so bad

Today is a good day,
so a gratitude list was easy...

  1. I'm grateful my first ever chocolate pie turned out!
  2. The Christmas decorations are out and the house is full of Holiday cheer.(stay tuned for pictures)
  3.  I had an evening of complete TV control last night while my husband was out of the house.
  4. Ivy hasn't had an accident in the house since I posted about it here.
  5. The ability to express myself here on this blog
That's it!
I hope you all have enjoyed this gratitude in action series.
I know it hasn't been the funniest, or coolest, or most interesting of all blog series.
But it did me good to write about it, if nothing else.

 xoxo - Bethany

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