Saturday, November 17, 2012

How Ivy Sealed her Fate

 Lately, Ivy has had some...incontinence issues.
At first, she peed on the carpet. 
Her favorite pee spot is, in fact, the doorway to the Master bedroom.
I kind of chalked it up to the fact that it was a new house,
and she was marking her territory.
Don't get me wrong...I didn't like it,
but it wasn't the end of the world.
We just kept all the bedroom doors closed when we weren't home, 
along with a baby gate at the top of the stairs
so she couldn't get to any carpet.
Also, I started taking her outside more frequently.

Then, she peed on one of my couch pillows.
Forgive my pun, but boy, was I pissed!
And the very next day, she peed on the bed.
So I thought, she must be sick.

So we went to the vet.
They did a urine test.
They did blood work.
And after a couple hundred bucks, 
they said Ivy is the healthiest 12 year old dog they've seen.
Nothing wrong with her.

Then we went on our Mediterranean vacation
and we boarded Ivy.
When we got home,
she was getting up in the middle of the night 
and wandering the house.
To make sure she's not peeing on everything in sight,
I've been getting up with her.
Sometimes, it's up to 3 times a night!
Then one night, she peed in the bed again!

So I thought, surely she's sick, this cannot be behavioral.
So we went back vet.
We paid then a couple more hundred dollars and they did x-rays and another urinalysis.
No kidney stones.
No tumors.
Her bladder looks healthy.
Everything looks normal.
Which was like the worst news we could get.
So we just have a temperamental dog that gets mad when we leave?

Then, one night we went to dinner a movie and while we were gone,
Ivy peed on our Turkey carpet.
This time, she pushed Jason over the edge.
I had been mad at her for a little while.
But now, he is finally mad!

So she's sealed her fate...

Now, unless we are home Ivy has to stay outside.
But the good news is we have a big fenced backyard and she has a doghouse.
 I still feel kind of bad about it, 
so I made her a no sew blanket.
Here she is, trying it out.

I hope she likes it.
For all I care, she can pee on it.
Next dog, we're crate training.



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