Monday, November 5, 2012

God Provides

This weekend, I was in Memphis, staying with my brother and his family, while visiting friends, 
and taking care of business at "the vacation home".
No, not a fun, fancy-pants vacation home.
"Vacation Home" is our attempt at comic relief when talking about our house in
 Memphis we never could sell when we moved to Nashville.
After a deal fell through 2 days before closing, we paid 2 mortgages for 6 months.
Not fun. Or easy.
So we decided to rent it out to stop the financial bleeding.
And everything was all rosey for 12 whole months, 
until that renter moved out last month when the lease was up.
Then fear and panic set in again.
What if it is totally wrecked???
What if we can't find another renter??? 
What if we have to pay 2 mortgages all over again for months???
But, God provides what we need.

 It wasn't completely wrecked.
And we have a signed 12 month lease.
We're actually renting  the house to the lady Jason bought it from.
She never wanted to sell it, but was forced to due to her circumstances,
and has missed it.
Her kids even still refer to our house as home.
Her and her husband at the time, bought it in its original 1950s condition
and renovated it; so she has put alot of love into this house in the past.
She wants to buy it back from us, but is currently finishing her nursing degree.
So a year or two it will happen.
In the meantime, I am glad it is rented.
And I'm glad it is rented to someone who loves it and will take care of it. 
God has provided for our family.
God has provided for her family.

xoxo - Bethany

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