Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Crafts

Hello y'all!
I can't believe December is here!
In honor of the Season, I'm sharing with you a few Christmas crafts I've done recently.
All three of these ideas came from Pinterest. You can follow me here.

The first is for my big a Christmas dinner I'm hosting.
I made placecard holders from dollar store ornaments,

Here's how they turned out.

I will redo the actual placecards before Christmas dinner.
I just busted some out real quick to give you an idea.

Here's a close up.

I think they turned out cute.

The second one doesn't really constitute a craft, per se.
But, I had been looking for a way to display Christmas cards as they came in 
and saw this idea and thought it was easy perfect.

Simply using clothes pins to hang them on the garland on the banister.
Already had the clothes pins. Already had the garland.
Win, win.

This third one, is so easy it doesn't really qualify as a craft either.
and I thought I'd share.

I needed a centerpiece that was substantial enough to fill my 
8 foot long dining table,
but easily moveable whenever I have company over.
This is what I did.

First, get a tray.
I got this plastic one from the Dollar Store.

 This is so you can easily move the centerpiece once its assembled.

Next, put a wreath of your choice on top of the tray.
This one was a plain one on sale at JoAnn's,
and I added the  floral picks myself.

Then get a footed bowl or candle holder.
I got this one at Marshall's for less than $20.00.
(I saw a similar one at Pottery Barn recently for $45.00!)
I didn't mind spending a little money on this because I know it will get used after the Holidays
for a jewelry catch all, potpourri dish, etc. 

 Put your bowl/candle holder in the center of the wreath.
Next add a candle...

Easy layered centerpiece.

I'm linking up with Cassie for the Christmas Cheer to the Blogosphere
Craft Linky Party!

xoxo - Bethany

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