Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions or Re - Solutions for 2013

Happy 2013!
We have really been enjoying relaxing and laying low around the house.
Jason is back to work in the morning.
Today we had the obligatory New Years Day supper...
ham, greens for money, black eyed peas for luck and homemade mac and cheese.
So yummy!
Neither Jason or I are huge collard green fans, but these were sooo good!
Jason had thirds!
In case you're interested, its this Paula Deen recipe

Of course, the other things that goes along with the New Year are the resolutions.
I don't know about you, but New Years' resolutions are somewhat depressing to me.
Every year, I make resolutions to exercise and eat better and it lasts about a week.
This year, even though I need to exercise and eat better, I'm not making that my resolution.

I'm actually looking back to September, when I posted these 4 simple goals before 2013.

So, did I meet these goals before 2013? 
I'll be the first to admit, I did not.
Some weeks were better than others, but overall  there was definite room for improvement.

That's why I'm making them my re-solutions for 2013.
I'm going to continue to work toward them,
and give myself a break if I don't do them perfectly.
But they're definitely goals or solutions I still believe in and want to pursue.

1. Try a  new recipe once a week -  Some weeks will be crazy and we'll be lucky that I'm cooking at all or even made it to grocery store, but I do want to continue to experiment in the kitchen. And this week, I can check it off my list thanks to Paula's collard greens. :)
2. Aim for three blog posts a week - This seems to be the hardest one for me, and I'm not quite sure why.
Maybe, it's a lack of planning on my part.
But I love blogging. I love how it's a virtual scrapbook of my life that I can share with friends and family.
Blogging takes a lot more time and creative energy than I thought it would. 
I guess I was a bit naive when I started.
Some days, I can sit down and I feel inspired and it's fun and easy and bloggy rainbows.
Other days, its the opposite. It has a lot to do with my attitude.
But I want to keep blogging, and keep growing.
So whether its one, two, or three posts a week...and like everything else, some weeks will be better than others...I'm going to keep on keepin' on and aim for three a week.
3. Practice slow decorating - Gosh, this one is hard for me. I just want to go out buy every piece of furniture I see and think I can't live without. But then I'd be a furniture hoarder and probably divorced.
Currently, I'm thinking my life won't be complete until I get a sideboard in my dining room.
But I know, once I get that, it'll be something else. This is closely tied with being content and grateful for what I do have and I want to always be mindful of that.
4. Practice sewing - This one I'm pretty dang excited about because I just got a really nice, new-to-me sewing machine. My Aunt Darnell was upgrading her machine and my mom bought me her old one for my upcoming birthday. I've already gotten to play on it some and its amazing. Now I've got to come up with some new projects. Also, I'm thinking I'm going to take some more sewing classes this spring. So this one won't be hard at all.

What are your resolutions or re- solutions for 2013?

xoxo - Bethany

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