Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Four Simple Goals before 2013

Today, I am playing along with Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.
She challenged her readers to create 4 Simple Goals before 2013.

So without further are my goals!

1. Try a new recipe once a week.  This one is simple enough. Between my magazine subscriptions and Pinterest it should be easy! I'm always one the hunt for easy delicious recipes to add to my cooking arsenal.

2. Aim for 3 quality blog posts a week. Blogging is a great creative outlet for me and I've really be enjoying it! Honestly, it's been hard to keep up momentum to post regularly and brainstorm ideas constantly...but its a good hard. :) I just want to make a conscious effort to up with my blog even though I'm starting back work this month and traveling. Plus, the Holidays will be here before we know it, and we all know how busy it can get that time of year!

3. Practice slow decorating. I shamelessly swiped this one from Elsie. But it's something I need to be aware of and practice. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with how the house looks vs. how I want it to look. But decorating is a process, and I'd rather wait and add perfect pieces as we come across them, rather then buy stuff just to fill the house and be done with it.

4. Practice sewing. Sewing is one of those things if I don't use it, I lose it. Even though I am not currently taking sewing classes, I am going to do my best to keep creating small projects and practicing the sewing techniques I've learned to get better. Practice makes perfect, and my sewing is far from perfect!

That's it! I'll be posting updates on how I'm doing on my goals throughout 2012, so check back often!

Have you set any goals lately?

xoxo - Bethany

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