Monday, August 13, 2012


This past week, my mom and my grandmother (Nana) came in town to visit
and we traveled to see my Aunt Darnell and Uncle Steven in Asheville, North Carolina.

It's not a bad drive...5 hours from Nashville give or take.

And it's like another world.

Absolutely Gorgeous.

If you haven't been, you should go.
There's tons of outdoorsy stuff to do hiking, climbing, rafting...
and its home to the Biltmore Estate.

There's lots to do.
We were only there for one full day, and had been there before.
So we stuck close to house. 

Steven and Darnell have a beautiful home nestled in the woods with a huge garden.
Here's some pictures my mom took while we were there...
 The house.

 Darnell in the garden...that's the most beautiful custom chicken coop in the background.
 Another view of the gorgeous garden.

Nana and I shellin' peas fresh from the garden.

Darnell is an amazing cook, she cooked a huge meal while we were there...

 I got private cooking lessons on fried chicken, fried okra, and biscuits from scratch. :)

She sent me home with fresh veggies from the garden and a dozen fresh eggs.
So we'll be eating good this week!

All in all, it was a great trip.

I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my mom, Nana, and Aunt Darnell.

One thing I just found out about Asheville is they have a Dillard's outlet.
I can't believe I've been up there several times and no one ever told me about it. 
For me, it is a big deal
People should have been like, "Asheville? Asheville's beautiful...there's the Biltmore, the largest private home in the country; the gorgeous mountains; oh, and there's a Dillard's outlet!"

Nana, mom and I went and checked it out. I got some goodies!
 I'll be back later in the week with a separate post about my finds. :)


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  1. We had a great time and the best thing was spending time together!