Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite Things

A la Oprah Winfrey...
It's myyyyyyyyyyyyy favvvoorrite thiiiiinnngggss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I'm not giving away trips, or VW Beetles, or jewelry on my blog today.
But I did want to do a post on 5 of my favorite things.
Let's get to it. In no particular order...
1. Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara - This has been my go to mascara since high school. I love how full and conditioned it makes my lashes without making them crunchy. I hate crunchy lashes. Plus, it's affordable and readily available at any drug store. Love.
2. Hobo Lauren Wallet - This wallet is another one of my favorite things I've known about since high school. I recently got a new one in this awesome "leaf" color and I'm smitten all over again.
It was designed by women and its shows. It keeps me organized and can be carried as a clutch since my iphone and keys will fit in it.

3. Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Caribbean - I didn't know what I was missing until I owned one of these cast iron dutch ovens. It was a gift from my mom and dad for Christmas. So practical. So beautiful. A perfect gift. I use it all. the. time.

4. Philosophy Hope in a Jar - Really I could include the whole line of philosophy skincare products - it's all I use. But this stuff is like buttah. So creamy. So moisturizing. And lightweight at the same time. I can't live without it. Ironically, I think this was on one of Oprah's Favorite Things Episodes back in the day.

5. Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products in Basil - I'm addicted. It smells so good it makes me clean more often. And they're earth friendly, cruelty free, and safe to use around children, pets, and expectant women. I've tried just about the entire line of products and I love them all.

So that wraps it up!
Have you tried any of these products?
If so, what did you think?


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