Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Venice in Pictures

View from the hotel room

Gondolas parked on the lagoon

Jason scoffed when I predicted a rainbow during a downpour. Double rainbow shortly afterwards :)

View from our balcony on the ship as we left Venice. 

View of the Rialto Bridge from our gondola.

This one's for the boys. 13 foot Boston Whaler (like Jason's boat).

One of the many beautiful cathedrals we saw.

Gondola ride.

Yes, I realize I said I would do one post per country we visited and Venice is not a country;
but it was the only city in Italy we visited on the trip. 
It was the most beautiful stop we made, so I was grateful for the full 3 days we had there. 
Amazing city. Unlike any other place I've ever been.
There's a very dreamy quality about it...
I wrote in my journal that I felt like I was on a movie set, like it wasn't real.
But it was. 
My favorite part was the gondola ride, I thought it might be kind of cheesy, but it wasn't at all.
It was very romantic and a different perspective of the city I really enjoyed. :)

Next up, Croatia.

xoxo, Bethany

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