Monday, October 15, 2012


Over the course of the trip, we made 3 stops in Greece:
Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini.
All three were rich in culture and history;
although, there was a heavy feeling compared to some of the other places we visited.
No doubt attributed to their current economic uncertainity.
It was like everyone was just kinda sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I didn't see any protests or demonstrations,
and never felt unsafe. 
It was just a feeling,  a collective consciousness.

Anyway, regardless of the economic situation, there is some fascinating history there.
In Athens, we went to The New Acropolis Museum and 
The Acropolis. The museum was amazing.
 It had some very cool artifacts from the Acropolis,
 everything from childrens toys, to combs, to wedding presents; 
not to mention the original Greek sculptures and facades.
It was built on ruins of ancient houses, so it had glass floors to see the excavations below.

The Acropolis was very cool to see to in person.
The climb up the hill was a doozy, 
I can't imagine lugging marble and limestone slabs up there to build the Parthenon 2500 years ago...

Mykonos is a desert island, rocky, hardly any vegetation at all.
Even though, it has its place in Greek mythology, and people have been there for thousands of years,
there's not a whole lot there that I saw other than resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs.
Don't get me wrong, it's a cool place to go to vacation,
it's just kinda sleepy during the day. 
I hear its got quite a party scene at night.
We went to Super Paradise Beach, the best private beach on the island. 
Clothing optional; although, the beautiful people had their clothes intact.
It was just old people that were hanging out naked. At 1pm anyway.
I think Jason was a tad dissappointed.
Just kidding :)

Santorini was unlike anywhere else. 
Its an actice volcanic island, and the towns are at the top of the crater.
Getting up there is not an easy task.

You could walk, ride a donkey, or take a cable car. 
We chose cable car, 
although I might pick donkey if I had to do it over.
It was like the most rickety carnival ride you've ever been on, with no seat belts.
It dangled you over rocks and water hundreds of feet up in the air.
It freaked me out. So much so, I shed a couple tears on the way back down.
But I made it, in one piece.

But once you're up there, the view was totally worth it!

Overall, Greece was a wonderful, facinating place!
 Next up, Turkey!

xoxo - Bethany

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