Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Proposal Story: Like Something off Reality TV

Hey y'all. 
This post kinda came out of left field this morning as I was cleaning out my DVR,
 but its something that definitely holds a special place in my heart.


No, not The Bachelorette (Although I do like some reality TV);  Prague!
This week Emily and her remaining 6 suitors were in Prague,
 a city that is very close to my heart because that is where Jason proposed.

Watching the show brought back some wonderful memories.


We had our engagement pictures taken by an awesome ex-pat photographer, Kurt Vinion.

But that was after the most romantic proposal ever!

Jason rented out a chateau tower and had dinner catered up in the turret!
When we arrived, I knew he had something special planned...
the spiral staircase up the tower was covered in rose petals with candles lighting the way.

Once we got to the top, he popped the question.
And I of course said yes!

I'm so grateful that I've already found my perfect match and BFF.

Are y'all watching The Bachelorette this season?

After this past episode, I think Jef will be the winner.
Who are y'all rooting for?


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