Friday, April 20, 2012

Sewing Project: More Pillows

Hello Everyone. Happy Friday!
We've been in the house a week now and its definitely beginning to feel like home.

I'm still going to the sewing classes and I'm really enjoying it.
I wanted to show y'all the two pillows I've just completed.

Drumroll please....



 I made them with the master bedding in mind (pictured above) but am glad I went with something neutral enough that can be used almost anywhere. 

I'm currently working on a round table skirt for a 28" decorator table that I plan to use as my bedside table.

I've got tons of sewing projects rolling around in my head too:

Skirt for my sewing table
Cushion for the front porch bench
Envelope pillows for living room (with the beautiful fabric my mom bought me. Hi mom! Thanks mom!)

Also, next week I plan to do a mini house tour on what we've done throughout so far before we head off to New Orleans.

Check back for updates and have a great weekend!


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