Monday, April 16, 2012

The Joys of Home Ownership and Working Out the Kinks

Well we're officially moved in as of Friday. 
I'm so glad to finally be here!

On top of unpacking, organizing, cleaning, looking for something, and finding said something, we've been to Lowes about a dozen times.
If the trip wasn't for something small like garden hose washer rings, it was for something big like a grill.

We've also already had repair men out to the house. 
The downstairs AC is broken, apparently some factory defect and we're waiting for a part to be delivered. While Jason was in the crawl space investigating our AC troubles he noticed a leak.
 So we had the plumbers out. It turns out it wasn't a leak in the pipes like he initially thought.

This guy was the culprit.

Yep, the only appliance in the house not under a manufacturer's warranty. The washing machine.
Luckily, it wasn't the washer itself but a hose running from it had a pin hole leak. 
Because I had done about 30 million loads of laundry since we moved in 3 days ago, that pin hole had leaked alot of water....into the master closet behind the laundry room.

So we ripped out the soaking wet, 3 day old carpet and padding out of our closet.

So now we're trying to get the sub floor dry before we get new padding and carpet laid.
I really don't want mold in our new house. That would not be fun.

At least it was just carpet and not hardwoods. 
At least it was just a hose and not the whole washer.
At least its not 90 degrees outside while we go without an AC for a couple days.
And have a separate unit upstairs that is running like a champ if we get hot.
All is well, these are just the joys of home ownership.
Stick around while we work out the kinks of our new home. :)
PS- Head.Heart.House. now has its own facebook page! Go to it here. Once there make sure you "like" it to get blog updates in your newsfeed. I will stop posting blog updates on my personal facebook page soon because I am sure that everyone I have ever been friends with is not that interested in it. Particularly the men folk. (Except for Jason, Dad, and Will...I still expect y'all to at least pretend you're interested :) )

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