Thursday, April 5, 2012

Linen Hayden Dining Chairs

This past weekend we finally managed to finish buying all the chairs for our new dining room. 
The table is BIG. It seats eight, so we decided to do 6 wooden chairs (3 on each side) and 2 upholstered ones for each end. We spotted the ones we wanted months ago at World Market. They were neutral, comfortable and affordable at $179 apiece. Score!

The problem was they didn't have 2 in stock at our local World Market Stores and there was a delivery surcharge of $50 per chair. Boo!
So we waited. When they didn't have them they next couple of times we went by the store, we got a "raincheck" for two. We didn't go ahead and pay, but they said they would call me when two came into the store and they would hold them until I could get over there. That was 2 months ago at the beginning of February, (Boo again!).
So this past Sunday on our way home from church we swung by there just to browse and daydream about our new house, and I'll be darned if they didn't have the chairs in stock. 
When I asked about my raincheck, they got defensive and said there store couldn't make long distance calls (to my 901 area code)...this is 2012 right? Ok. Just making sure. 

So I dropped the whole raincheck thing and said, " Ok, it doesn't matter now. We'll take two." 
Their response, " Oh, we only have three and two are on hold for another customer." 
Whaaaaaat? But I had a raincheck!!!! Since the beginning of February!
(Luckily Jason was there to be the calm, rational one and to do all the talking. Otherwise I would have had a rage attack on a poor unsuspecting World Market associate.)

Turned out, they realized they'd goofed, and sold us a perfectly good floor model at a discount and the other one they had in stock. PLUS, they were on sale. PLUS, I had a coupon. Yay!!

So we got both chairs for $280. Not bad at all. 
 I can't wait to see how they will look with the new table in the dining room, which they are painting today!

The house is pretty much done but I'm not posting any more pictures here until we close. 
Which is a week from today! Yay!

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have some serious packing to do!

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