Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Week Bump Date

I can't believe we've only got 10 weeks left until we meet our baby boy!
I've been feeling lots of movement, especially at night.
I am surprised by how strong some of kicks his are!
I get some sciatica if I sit or stand in one position too long.
And I've had some rib pain most days.
But overall I feel good!

How Far Along? 30 weeks. I'm measuring ahead fundal height at the 30 week appointment was measuring 32 weeks. All of our ultrasounds he's measuring a little ahead too.
 I think he's going to be big.
Size of Baby? a (large) cucumber; 16 inches long and 3-ish lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah. Dresses are definitely the most comfortable these days since its gotten hot. But I'm also loving my Japanese Weekend maternity shorts.
Weight gain? +20 pounds...These two months I haven't been blogging, I've been sitting around eating!  Ha!
Stretch Marks? Not yet, moisturizing like crazy.
Gender?  BOY!!
Sleep? Eh. Its hit or miss. Some nights I sleep really well and other nights I'm restless and can't turn off the train of thoughts about baby and to do lists.
Food Cravings? Sweets, fruit, red meat and still eating chicken salad several times a week.
What I miss? The usual....caffeine
Symptoms? Heartburn, weird dreams, starting to be uncomfortable most of the time, shortness of breath, emotional
Belly Button? It's flush...neither in or out.
Best Moment of the Week? We got the nursery painted and the glider and pouf are here! We started our childbirth classes which we have been enjoying. Out of 8 couples...7 of us are having boys in August!
Looking Forward To? The shower in Memphis my sister- in -law is throwing me is coming up. I'm really looking forward to seeing some family and friends I haven't seen in awhile there. Also, getting the nursery finished. Just a few more details!

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