Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House update: 7 weeks until closing

Jason and I went out to the house to see the progress this past Friday.
Outside, they had poured part of the sidewalk and installed the front door and garage doors.

 (Unfortunately the garage doors were up and we didn't get a good shot of the front door because they were priming it while we were there.)

In the backyard, the deck was finished! It's really turned out to be a good size, 15x15.

Inside, the crown molding was installed and they were working on installing the interior doors.

 (standing in the master bedroom looking into the en suite)

(standing at the front door looking through foyer into the great room)

All in all, it's really coming along! I can't wait until April 12th, when we close!

Also, this past weekend I was in Memphis visiting friends and attending my nephew's 3rd birthday. While I was there I went to the Pottery Barn Outlet and got a chair for 60% off retail! Woo-hoo! It's turquoise. It's going to make a perfect chair for my sewing/craft space!


In other house news, my sweet hubby met with the plantation shutter salesman while I was in Memphis enjoying myself.  I just love plantation shutters. So timeless!




We ended up ordering the shutters for all the windows in the house but the dining room and breakfast nook. The dining room window opens onto the front porch so its a darker room and needs all the natural light it can get.

 (Can't you tell from the super dark picture?)

We decided to leave leave the breakfast area open because it faces east and the morning light will really be great. Plus, we're already shuttering (Is that a word?) four windows on that same wall in the great room and want some contrast to break things up.

 (standing in the kitchen looking into the breakfast nook, great room is to the left)

I'll end up adding some sort of other window treatments to these windows once we get into the house. 
Only 7 weeks to go!


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  1. I have really enjoyed following the house progress, can't wait to see it in person!